Fri-date at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve had a number of pretty good plates of steak which I really enjoyed and have fond memories of. These usually occurred in tandem with a celebratory occasion – carefully prepared primary cuts of beef aren’t cheap, after all, so such experiences are always worth savouring for as long as they last.

I’d been looking for an excuse to revisit Wooloomooloo Steakhouse for a while now, and found the perfect reason to with their $69++ five-course dinner menu available for the month of August, available through Chope. At that price point, you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to persuade your better half into an evening of (mild) indulgence.

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Test driving the Volkswagen Golf Variant

Earlier this week, Volkswagen handed me the keys to the Golf Variant R-Line 1.4 TSI press car to review over the National Day break. Launched in Singapore at the start of the year, Volkswagen says the Variant’s reception has been positive since its introduction. The press car’s pristine white exterior, coupled with the less-common dimensions of the estate model, made it quite a head-turner during my two days’ drive in it.

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Adding some Luxe to Keong Saik

Keong Saik Road is a highly competitive stretch of real estate when it comes to dining options. The entire area, in fact, is not short of restaurants, cafes, and bars all vying for diners keen on a fun night out – be it to impress a date or simply have a good time out with friends. On the evidence of the tasty food and flowing conversations that I enjoyed last weekend, I think Luxe has a lot of things going right for it.

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A post-workout lunch at Ninja Bowl

People around me seem to have forgotten the meaning of “brunch”. The term was originally coined in reference to a meal that is consumed in the late morning, combining breakfast and lunch, and therefore replacing two meals with just one. These days, it appears that “brunch” is used as a reference to a social activity – or type of food menu – with no regard for its originally intended timing. It doesn’t help that several places have been offering all-day brunch menus for a while, too.

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