Powering up at Fuel Plus+

As someone who dislikes crowds, I sometimes find myself at odds with wanting to write a positive review about a cafe. If I recommend eating at the place, more people will consider visiting it themselves, which then makes it less enjoyable for me should I choose to patronise it again in future. On the other hand, keeping mum about something good may put the cafe’s business at risk if it cannot achieve the needed volume.

Fortunately (or otherwise, depending on whose side you’re on), the location of Fuel Plus+ reduces the probability of there being large crowds at the cafe. Situated at 16 Morse Road, you probably wouldn’t think to randomly explore this quiet neighbourhood in search of a bite or a coffee. And that’s why, in this instance, I’m not too concerned about sharing a good thing.


The cafe occupies a relatively small unit, but you wouldn’t really feel it thanks to the predominantly white interior and clean aesthetic. The hanging light fixtures are as hipster as you’ll get, but one has to admit the white and copper/wooden colour palette works really well. I’m saving this idea for my future home.

Truffle eggs mushroom ($14)

The first order to arrive was my plate of truffled scrambled eggs. With creamy sautéed mushrooms and grated parmesan cheese on slices of toast, the truffle oil’s aroma turned heads as the plate made its way from the kitchen to our table. Aside from the fragrance, the time-tested combination of ingredients was cooked well and made for a hearty brunch.

Fuel Me Up+ ($17)

Grace’s order was even more substantial. Consisting of baked eggs, peppers, mushrooms, meatballs, potatoes and cheeses in a cast iron pan, the Fuel Me Up+ was an absolutely filling order that even I would have struggled with. That’s not to say it wasn’t delicious; the flavours were right up the alley of comfort food, and if your appetite can accommodate it, the slices of toast would help you mop up the moreish sauce.

Hawaiian grilled corn ($6)

I have great difficulty resisting a side order of grilled corn when I see it on a menu, so I caved to temptation and decided to give this a try. Coated in a honey BBQ sauce, the corn on the cob was worth our eventual food coma.

The food and coffee here are decent and worth repeat visits, but the location remains a mild challenge for me. It’s got a monopoly on residents in the neighbourhood who want some cafe fare, but otherwise, I’m not too sure where else they expect a sustainable stream of customers.

For what it’s worth, I hope they know a whole lot more than I do about marketing to a loyal customer base because I’d like to have an alternative for brunch every now and then. If you live in the neighbourhood and want some cafe-style eggs and coffee, please consider dropping by too.




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